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01 November 2016

2011 was an interesting year. For instance, Neptune completed its first orbit since it was discovered in 1846 (go, Neptune!). Charlie Sheen had his infamous meltdown in which he suggested he was a real live Warlock with tiger blood. Adele was not yet a household name. Bridesmaids was released, creating a green light for more female-driven comedies. Beyoncé announced her pregnancy and the world collectively acknowledged its future global leader. Kim Kardashian got married. And then divorced. And Indaba Digital was born.


There were plenty of good things about 2011. But our favourite, by far and wide, is the conception of our really cool, dog friendly, hashtag forward digital marketing agency, Indaba Digital.


Take our hand. We are about to lead you down memory lane. And it all starts with a laptop, a woman, and an idea…


…and the idea was simple. To create an agency that would raise the bar in digital and content marketing.


Sophia Amoruso, #GirlBoss and entrepreneur extraordinaire once said “it takes a special kind of stubbornness to succeed as an entrepreneur.”


We quite agree.


Jenn Lowther, the brains behind Indaba, sat at her desk one morning wondering two things: what is the social acceptable version of “too much” coffee in a day, and also: what was going to be the next logical step in her career?


With an unprecedented track record in the industry, moving up corporate ladders faster than you can say pass the coffee, Jenn possessed a tenacity and grit that is common amongst agency leaders. And, like most tenacious people, when you tell them they need to do something this way, more often than not, you’ll find them doing what they wanted to do in the beginning. And that’s just what Jenn did.


An award-winning digital marketing strategist, Jenn has over ten years of experience in corporate and campaign strategy at top digital agencies in North America. Jenn found success as she leveraged her ability to create compelling and creative campaigns with innovative strategies to optimize results for her clients. She quickly realized that she had a keen eye for developing effective campaigns, but most of all, she had a vision. She knew she had something to say and she wanted the chance to say it in her own way. Her appetite to remain committed to her voice grew until, one day, her passion and tenacity collided, and Indaba was conceptualized.


Indaba [in-dah-bah] is a term used to describe an important council between two people. It’s a conversational tactic derived from South Africa that is used when complex discussions need streamlined solutions. During conversations, every individual is encouraged to speak, to identify any thresholds they may be unwilling to compromise, and provide solutions to that particular threshold. It’s an open dialogue, hands on approach between multiple parties, relying entirely on constructive communication and active listening.


We chose this name for our agency because, at its root, Jenn identified the concept of the agency she was trying to build as one that created genuine conversations for our clients. Whether that was between our agency and them in discovery sessions, or between their content and their target audience, we set out to make meaningful experiences that reflected a hands-on, boutique approach to digital and content marketing.


Flash forward to 2016. Not much has changed. Except if by not much, you mean everything (oh, snap). Indaba has successfully grown into an innovative and vibrant agency, evolving from strictly content and digital marketing to include brand development and operations execution. We are a full services agency that has transitioned and evolved to remain ahead of the curve, expanding our reach by investing in brands and building partnerships, taking leaders to new heights and raising the standard for being awesome.


No longer a girl and her laptop in a condo wondering how much coffee is too much coffee, Indaba has grown into an elite team of four hard working, dedicated creatives.


Kirsten, our Content Specialist, with a pen as mighty as her frown, is the resident Grammar Police, pun enthusiast, and dog whisperer, creating compelling content since in-utero.


Jenny is our Community Manager. Lover of sushi, aspiring friend to small dogs, non-friend of dairy, and walking dictionary of Mean Girls references, Jenny specializes in all things social for our clients.


Jenna, Business Development guru with a knack for solving problems and an ability to drop and give us 100, is the office “fixer”. You got a problem? She’s the Vancouver Olivia Pope: “It’s handled”.


Special shout out mention: Kaiya, Chief Barking Officer; head of doggo interns, coordinator of Monthly All Paws Meetings, and Dictator of Treats. Motto: Don’t kill my vibe.


Ollie, Human Resources, AKA: Fun Police. No fun shall be had on the office premise. Unless it is in the form of throwing a ball. Goal in life: Dog Olympics.


Since Indaba’s conception, we have grown into a multi-faceted agency that delivers excellence at every stage, providing meaningful experiences through innovation and passion. We are a full scale, mic-dropping, innovative, make-it-happen, more-coffee-please agency with a passion for creating transformative experiences that revolve around our origin five years ago: meaningful change comes from meaningful conversations.


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