Good Things Come in Small Packages

20 October 2016

There are a multitude of sayings that emphasizes the belief that the grass is always greener on the other side. The origin of this idea, according to good old Urban Dictionary, the eccentric Cousin of Google that your mom doesn’t want you hanging out with, stems from looking at a neighbour’s lawn and seeing it has a better looking, healthier, and overall greener looking front yard than your own. When the reality is, you’re simply overlooking anything negative about your neighbour’s lawn and downplaying everything positive about your own.


You, my friend, have yard #FOMO.


The same principal applies to potential clients looking to hire a digital marketing agency. Many businesses often believe working with a larger, ‘well-known’ agency will fulfill all of their brand and marketing problems, and in return they will experience extreme revenue growth in record time.


Don’t get us wrong, if you choose the right agency and have a large budget, a lot is possible in a short period of time, but those two things rarely go hand in hand. Marketing isn’t something large and stagnant. It’s fluid and ever evolving. Your brand may benefit from the large scale budgeting of a larger agency, but the risk involved means you don’t get the benefit of leveraging flexibility with a small, hands-on agency. Flexibility is the key to success. Every touch point, from retail to social media, provides an opportunity to expand the definition of your brand. It’s what is wired into small agency’s at birth: the ability for every team member to jump from position to position at a moment’s notice, each individual exposed to a broad array of tactics to solve a range of client challenges.


Large agencies, on the other hand, are burdened with a legacy of their business model and may have a difficult time


Here is why, when it comes to agencies and your brand, size doesn’t matter.


Great agencies aren’t made credible because of their size. Their measure of worth is reflexive of their ability to help clients shift from an interruptive message to immersive, genuine experiences in this disruptive and ever changing digital landscape.


Marketing is constantly shifting. Driving your message and creating your brand depends on fresh ideas and an ability for an agency to be flexible. Since small agencies tend to be younger and, therefore, less beholden to old ways of doing business, your brand growth increasingly gets driven by revolutionary approaches to marketing through small agencies hands-on approach.


A boutique agency also saves you money. With less overhead (smaller offices = less staff = happy you) and less layers of people involved at different stages of your project, you’re looking at a bottom line that is more wallet friendly. More money saved means more budget to take your team out for celebratory cocktails (we like Bourbon Sour’s, wink wink, nudge nudge).


An agency’s success (and therefore, your success) boils down to one thing – it’s people. The synergies and camaraderie of small teams mean their work is fueled by a culture that is influenced by their agency’s passion, desire to thrive, and prioritization of team building. Larger agencies often are lacking in this department, and therefore often work in stale environments that don’t may be counterproductive to their work. After all, what’s inspiring about working in Creative and never meeting the Accounting Team or the Social Media Experts? What if you’re working in the same building with your potential soul mate, best friend, or handler for your cat’s celebrity Instagram account? Hasn’t the large agency conglomerate intervened far too many times in your destiny?


When you work alongside small agencies, not only are you investing in a team that knows the importance of culture, you’re aligning with one that takes calculated risks. Risks that can quickly turn any unprecedented small failings into major wins. This is something you could never find at a large agency, where there is more to lose and a tendency to herd the client towards deliverables that the agency can create safely, regardless of the brand’s needs. Small agencies take those risks to bring you breakthrough results.


Similarly, when you work alongside a boutique agency, you’re working with talent that has been hand-selected by the founder. Sort of like the best apples from the tree, only cooler and less prone to bruising. Not to mention, you have direct access to the CEO or Founder to both pick their brain and gain insight to trends and strategies. They and their team are rising to the task of supporting major brand initiatives through having niche expertise and the ability to be more flexible and fast-paced than larger operations. But more than that? You are getting passion.


And that’s the bottom line. Boutique agencies are successful not just because of their flexibility and culture. Every team member knows your brand’s value because they are deeply immersed in it themselves. They came to their boutique agency with big ideas, attracted to the agency that obviously emulated an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit and vibrancy that trickles down from the CEO to the team. Ideas are encouraged. Openness and dialogue is part of the culture. Passion is evident throughout and it is immersed in your brand’s project from the Discovery session to the Deliverables.


Bottom line? Small is good, despite what everyone else in the locker room says. When you’re ready, so are we.



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