Creating Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns

02 December 2016

Here it comes! The disproportionate amount of holiday spending, the cringing as we check our bank accounts, the buy everything that is Holiday Shopping. We’re not knocking it. We love it. Take our money, take our hearts, John Lewis.


As the festivities amp up, the expectation of holiday promotions acts as a stimulant for us Holiday Shoppers; buy now, ask questions later, just give us all the things. And it works! If you have the right campaign strategy and execution, that is.


As with other significant holidays, there are thousands of other brands who are competing for the same consumers’ attention. How, as a brand, can you appeal to your audience’s emotions, stand out from the crowd, and grab their attention, without overwhelming them? Leave the shiny glitter and sandwich boards behind and use these 5 easy steps instead.

Get Your Audience to Feel

You know the saying that people eat their emotions? Well, the same goes for buying items. Because, news flash: people buy emotions, not things. When consumers are faced with endless choices, they make their purchase decisions on impulse. The BeeGees knew what they were talking about when they said, “It’s Just Emotions taking me over”. Which means that in order for your holiday marketing campaign to be successful, you need to focus your strategy on feelings that fit the season, like friendship, family, good will, and giving back, like Heathrow Airport’s touching commercial about two bears traveling home for Christmas (because who doesn’t like a good advert about bears).


Create Sharable Campaigns

It’s hard to predict what will be viral, and while you don’t have to create a campaign that will break the internet, you do want to maximize your chances of gaining significant traction and visibility online. Considering that 74% of consumers rely on word-of-mouth as the number influential factor, creating significant share worthy content is a must. This means creating content that is impressive, unique, or useful. The more engaging your campaign content is, the more likely your audience will share, comment, and like. More engagement = an increased ROI. Or, to explain it like we’re five: IRL, content that is shared with your audience drastically increases its chances of having greater reach, engagement, and conversions.

Introduce Sales and Deals 

Sales create a frenzy during the holiday season (Black Friday, anyone?), and online platforms make it easy to feature deals, especially with fun campaigns that reflect your brand’s value. To up the ante and exclusivity, you can make your sale time sensitive; the ephemerality of the holiday rush will up your customer’s purchasing intent. You can also feature engaging campaigns like countdowns, contests, and giveaways to drive promotions, implementing all your social platforms to broadcast and expand your reach.

Get Personal

The holidays mean a lot of things to different people, and your brand needs to figure out who to target them while also to appealing to a multitude of markets and faiths. Plan a campaign that hits the precise demographics, appealing to their unique interests. Get your audience involved in your holiday campaigns, such as Oreo’s campaign to design your own pack of cookies or Starbucks’ competition to create and share photos of their customizable Christmas cups. A fun and interactive campaign will increase the chances that your customers will share on social media.


The holidays are the perfect time to build an emotional bond with your audience. With a shareable campaign, engaging online content and deals, and a consistent multi-channel experience, you’ll be well positioned for maximum holiday season success.


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