4 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

04 November 2016


With 1.13 billion daily users, Facebook still proves it’s the OG of social media and a hotbed of activity for consumers and businesses alike. Therefore, having a strong presence on Facebook is crucial to increasing overall brand awareness (not saying duh, but duh). More engagement means more followers. More followers mean more brand visibility.


If you want to increase your Facebook engagement, you need to up your Facebook game. And since we’re a full services agency with an eye for awesome and a leg up on all things Facebook, we’re here to help, whether you asked for our opinion or not.


Here are 4 simple and effective ways for your business to increase your engagement on Facebook.
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Timing (as They say) Is Everything


Thanks to the ever-growing number of brands vying for attention on their news feed, Facebook’s algorithm displays only the most engaging posts. Meaning? It’s not enough to simply post to your timeline, hope for the best, and go back to inviting your friends to play Candy Crush (side note: please stop trying to get us to play Candy Crush happen; it’s not going to happen). Knowing when to post will optimize your reach, which increases your engagement.


Consistency breeds engagement. Your brand should be posting (unique) content every day, at least once a day. The majority of brands post their content first thing in the morning, usually between 9-11, which, while good practice, might not be as effective. Remember: just because people are plugged in doesn’t necessarily mean they’re engaged.


Facebook typically sees a spike during lunch and in the evening, that is, when they’re leisurely scrolling through their phones while eating an overly priced salad or in transit hoping to zone out to cat videos while they navigate the unique blend of bus people after a long 9-5 at the office.


The trick to finding which schedule is ideal for you is to experiment. Depending on who your ideal audience is, the window for discovering your content may differ.


(Good) Content is King


Even if you are pushing content out every day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people are going to respond to it; a once-size-fits all approach won’t suffice in our modern day, digital landscape. We’re inundated with content everywhere we turn; as consumers in a digital age are advertisement-averse, we’ve learned to scroll past content that seems too sales-y and procured ad block into our internet surfing toolkit.


Don’t be dismayed, though. All this means is that you need to up your content creation game, focusing on creating unique, high-quality content for your brand that is both entertaining and useful (lucky for you, yours truly does just that, but that’s a whole other conversation).


If it’s not adding something interesting to the conversation, it isn’t unique, which means it isn’t share worthy. When you consistently publish content that is unique and authentic, you’re building your brand’s value with a fresh voice while simultaneously increasing traffic.


Keep your content focused, but not industry related. Broaden your scope to include different topics that fall under the same umbrella category. You should also pair your content with the right visuals to help increase engagement. Posts with images receive twice the amount of likes than posts without; the more interesting the image, the better. You also want to keep captions short and sweet to retain attention.


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Encourage Interaction


A tried and true way to rake in consistent engagement is to take a look at which previous posts did well and replicate them. If it’s an image quote, blog post, or certain photo or caption, try posting content that is similar and see what type of results you get.


Another way to encourage interaction is to pose your captions as open-ended questions, so that users can start a discussion in the comments section. Creating a dialogue with your followers builds authenticity, and shows your audience you are invested in them. Interact with your followers by responding to and liking their comments, posts, and shares on your page.


Don’t just post something and call it a day; interact with your followers. Something you posted resonated with them. Show them you value their input and they’ll be more willing to engage with your future posts as well.


A note on trolls. Trolls happen whether you’re a major cell phone company (receiving customer complaints since the birth of Twitter) or a boutique startup. They’re mean and no one likes them, but they exist and, occasionally, your posts will likely be on the receiving end of ALL CAPS COMMENTS coupled with bad grammar and a slew of exclamation marks!!!!!!! (because one is simply never enough). It’s important to deal with the bad feedback along with the good, to maintain a positive, public image.


Boost and Advertise


Facebook has a ton of options to promote your brand and increase awareness, and one of them is through Boosting. So long as you are willing to experiment and have the budget to do so, spending a few dollars (or less) a day to boost your posts can significantly increase the overall level of engagement on your page.


Through Facebook boosting, you can toggle People who like your page, people who like your page and their friends, or people you choose selectively through targeting – your most valuable option. This allows you to reach people on Facebook who don’t already like your page. Boosting is also especially effective for short-term campaigns, especially if your engagement is somewhat excellent for achieving a short term kind of goal.


Try familiarizing yourself with Facebook Ads to further supplement your online marketing strategy. Facebook Ads lets you choose the marketing objective (e.g. more Page Likes, Website Conversions, Awareness), and allows you to create ad copy and imagery that shows up on people’s Desktop or Mobile newsfeeds, a simple yet effective tool for brand awareness.

With a masterplan in motion and best practices from Yours Truly, you can take your brand to new levels of engagement.




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